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This collection is curated by Miserable Albert of Gamma Radio. He has collated the wasteland's "finest" songs from the dusty old collection of tapes he found lying around in the studio. He's even included the only song he's ever written, which in his opinion, is the best one on the album. He doesn't like any of the other tracks very much, but you might...


The Gamma Radio album contains nearly all of the music produced for the Gamma Radio podcast. Each track has been remixed, remastered, and in some cases rerecorded! Also contains a whole new song for your listening pleasure/disgust: The Ghost of Petunia Dank. 

I Suppose You Could Call It Music - The Gamma Radio Album [Digital Download]

  • Zip Folder contains 23 music tracks in high quality .mp3 format and a PNG of the album artwork.

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