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Welcome to the world of Gamma Radio, where the rads are high, the mutants are friendly and the humans are good-hearted, murderous psychopaths.


Join our hosts David Dave Davidson and Foglamp von Krampus III on Good Vibes - a light entertainment show - attempting to bring a bit of hope and cheer to the uk wasteland. It's not so easy hosting a radio show when you're plagued with a rampant influx of angry mutants, psychotic musicians, hideous monsters, alien invasions, Health and Safety Inspectors, Giant Wasps and vicious vegetables...

Gamma Radio is available in many different formats. You can listen on youtube, download the show as a mod for Fallout 4, or subscribe to our podcast. Check our listen page for all options.

Here are some of the kind things people have said about the show:

"The Gamma Radio guys take a great conceit and run with it, giving full vent to their fevered comic imaginations. Add to that the excellent production and you have one of the funniest, most enjoyable and most original podcasts I've heard in quite some time. We can only hope the apocalypse is this much fun. Also, I will now never be able to unlearn the concept of Mushroom Horse. "

"It's brilliant. Two very talented voice actors with enormous production value and a whole fuckton of beautiful jokes and songs. You are missing out if you aren't listening. I am extremely excited for season 2!"

"I just had to come here and leave a comment. I got the mod ingame, but had to come here and let you know how great this is. Radio mods (or mods) in general are usually hit or miss. But this one was probably one of the funniest shows Ive heard in years. I couldnt stop laughing at the songs, and even my wife who was in the same room was having a good time. The poem was our favorite. It should be a real station. Hope to see more content from you guys, and Ill definitely be spreading the word on your mod! MORE!!" 

"I couldn't stop laughing the entire time, thank you so much for taking the time to produce this."

"My favorite radio station in the wasteland. Love what you guys put together. I laughed my ass off especially the robot songs!"

Check out the comments we've received on our pages for more!


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